Tuesday, January 22, 2013

what to wear?

When I was younger, kids' fashion was nothing like it is now. When I was very young, my mom *made* most of my clothing, and I had items I loved like a Winnie-the-Pooh jumper and flowered pinafores. I had a pair of black and white saddle shoes.
As a teen, "fashion" was scaled-down version of adult clothes. Tight "designer" jeans and capezio flats.

I was, of course, never comfortable.

I wanted clothes that reflected my personality--but a) nothing like that existed and b) even if it had, I wouldn't have had the courage to wear it.
I began my work career in New York; then I moved to Vermont and I was stunned to see that the Director of the agency where I worked would wear a dress to work WITHOUT NYLONS. But it wasn't hard to adjust to the casual dress...and now I wear jeans to work.
Today I went shopping at the thrift store: this has been a favorite activity of mine for over 20 years. I found 2 pair of lined slacks that I can wear to the office.
I have certain brands that I like: Eileen Fisher, Habitat, Flax, Sigrid Olsen; but I also look for texture and color.
Just because everyone else is all dressed down doesn't mean I can't dress up, if that brings me pleasure.
So I wanted to share with y'all some of the awesomeness that I'm jazzed about today.

A Geiger wrap. Geiger is an Austrian company specializing in boiled wool coats and sweaters, etc.
I found a cream-colored wrap with grommets in the sleeves (hmmm, a specialized straitjacket?) for $7. Clearly I paid way below retail for that.

I also found a very sweet hand-crocheted sweater in a canteloupe color. It's a very serene item, for my grown-up days.
Here are some non-thrift things that I'm longing for:
a blue lyric jumpsuit by BB Dakota. I totally recommend going through eBates if you want one. But leave one for me.
and Trixie pants from meSheeky.

I am getting more serious about buying a home. I'm leaning towards a condo, because I don't want to worry about who's going to cut the grass, etc. I want a 2-bedroom place so I can make the second bedroom into a own walk-in closet. My friend Alison did this and I'm so jealous.

I have a lot of fun shopping these days. I'm in the middle of two rough couple of weeks so it was lovely to go today and do something I always enjoy.

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